Mo Ranch Wedding: Audrey & Mitch!

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If you head west from Austin, pass through Dripping Springs and go all the way to Fredericksburg and then keep going west, you’ll end up in Kerville.  But if you drive a little further, you’ll pass through the little town of Hunt and then find yourself in the deep, true Texas Hill Country.  You’ll also find yourself at Mo Ranch, a camp along the towering banks of the Guadalupe.  After the long drive, arriving at Mo Ranch for Audrey & Mitch’s weekend of wedding festivities felt like an escape from reality: beautiful views, canoes, water slides, and little to no cell service.  But while it might have felt that way for the guests and myself,  Audrey & Mitch already live a life that is adventure and travel.  They don’t need to escape because exploring interesting places with the people they love is normal.  Maybe we should all aspire to make our weekends (and weekdays!) so vibrant that wedding weekends can be a continuation of a life we love already.

Mo Ranch Wedding_0060


Mo Ranch Wedding_0061Mo Ranch Wedding_0062Mo Ranch Wedding_0063Mo Ranch Wedding_0064Mo Ranch Wedding_0065Mo Ranch Wedding_0066Mo Ranch Wedding_0067Mo Ranch Wedding_0068Mo Ranch Wedding_0069Mo Ranch Wedding_0070Mo Ranch Wedding_0071Mo Ranch Wedding_0072Mo Ranch Wedding_0073Mo Ranch Wedding_0075Mo Ranch Wedding_0076Mo Ranch Wedding_0077Mo Ranch Wedding_0078Mo Ranch Wedding_0079Mo Ranch Wedding_0084Mo Ranch Wedding_0081Mo Ranch Wedding_0082Mo Ranch Wedding_0083Mo Ranch Wedding_0085Mo Ranch Wedding_0086Mo Ranch Wedding_0087Mo Ranch Wedding_0088Mo Ranch Wedding_0089Mo Ranch Wedding_0090Mo Ranch Wedding_0091Mo Ranch Wedding_0092AM-3Mo Ranch Wedding_0093Mo Ranch Wedding_0094Mo Ranch Wedding_0095Mo Ranch Wedding_0096Mo Ranch Wedding_0097Mo Ranch Wedding_0098Mo Ranch Wedding_0099Mo Ranch Wedding_0100Mo Ranch Wedding_0101Mo Ranch Wedding_0102Mo Ranch Wedding_0103

Palm Door Wedding: Emily & Zak are married!


Being a proud nerd, I’m not ashamed to declare my love for science fiction & fantasy novels, so I couldn’t have been happier when the best man’s speech at Emily & Zak’s wedding involved parallel universes.  He pointed out that every decision we make means another decision we forego, one of the biggest being marriage.  Emily & Zak decided to bind their lives together at the Chapel Dulcinea on a day that should have rained, but didn’t, and then partied the night away with friends and family at the Palm Door amid twinkling lights.  That decision to become husband and wife sets them down a path together for the rest of their lives and eliminates a million other paths.  But as Kellan pointed out, the fear of not know what you’re missing pales in comparison to the joy of choosing a path with the one you love.

Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0001Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0002Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0003Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0004Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0005Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0006Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0007Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0008Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0009Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0010Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0011Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0012Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0013Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0014Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0015Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0016Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0017Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0018Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0022Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0020Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0021Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0023Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0024Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0019Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0025Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0026Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0027Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0028Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0029Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0030Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0031Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0032Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0033Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0034Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0035Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0037Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0038Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0039Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0040Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0041Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0042Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0043Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0044Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0045Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0046Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0047Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0048Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0049Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0050Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0051Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0052Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0053Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0054Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0055Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0056Chapel Dulcinea-Palm Door Wedding_0057

P.S. That stunner of a cake is courtesy of the amazing Coco Paloma.


Garden Wedding: Jessie & Jason are married!


I could insert an inspiring quote about how important it is to marry your best friend or be with someone  who makes you smile, but all you really need to know about Jessie & Jason’s wedding comes from something Jessie said. Halfway through laughing our way through couple’s photos (and right before a bird pooped on me), she looked at Jason and said, “well, life will never be boring with you!”  And that’s how they begun the great adventure of marriage together.  That and a honeymoon in a treehouse on an island.  I think their smiles will say everything else!

Earl Harrison House Wedding_0001Earl Harrison House Wedding_0002Earl Harrison House Wedding_0003Earl Harrison House Wedding_0004Earl Harrison House Wedding_0005Earl Harrison House Wedding_0006Earl Harrison House Wedding_0007Earl Harrison House Wedding_0008Earl Harrison House Wedding_0009Earl Harrison House Wedding_0010Earl Harrison House Wedding_0011Earl Harrison House Wedding_0012Earl Harrison House Wedding_0013Earl Harrison House Wedding_0014Earl Harrison House Wedding_0015Earl Harrison House Wedding_0016Earl Harrison House Wedding_0017Earl Harrison House Wedding_0018Earl Harrison House Wedding_0019Earl Harrison House Wedding_0020Earl Harrison House Wedding_0021Earl Harrison House Wedding_0022Earl Harrison House Wedding_0023Earl Harrison House Wedding_0024Earl Harrison House Wedding_0025Earl Harrison House Wedding_0026Earl Harrison House Wedding_0027Earl Harrison House Wedding_0028Earl Harrison House Wedding_0029Earl Harrison House Wedding_0030Earl Harrison House Wedding_0031Earl Harrison House Wedding_0032Earl Harrison House Wedding_0033Earl Harrison House Wedding_0034Earl Harrison House Wedding_0035Earl Harrison House Wedding_0036Earl Harrison House Wedding_0037Earl Harrison House Wedding_0038Earl Harrison House Wedding_0039Earl Harrison House Wedding_0040Earl Harrison House Wedding_0041

Faythe & Mike are married!


Faythe & Mike embraced everything bright and cheerful about their spring wedding, most visible in the abundant vibrant colors, but also so apparent in their attitudes.  To me, spring always represents the hope that comes along with a new season.  The whole time that Faythe & Mike were sharing their personalized vows, I couldn’t stop thinking about how a wedding is the sign of a new season in the life of a couple and a new family.  I overheard Faythe’s dad joking that walking his daughter down the aisle was an easy task, but giving her away was a different matter entirely.  We always talk about the joyful moments of a wedding, but don’t always acknowledge that, as with any transition, it’s ok to feel the bittersweetness of another season ending.  Happily, that little bit of sadness doesn’t take away from the overwhelming joy of a brand new marriage and years of experience loving each other.

Bright Spring Wedding_0001Bright Spring Wedding_0002Bright Spring Wedding_0003Bright Spring Wedding_0004Bright Spring Wedding_0005Bright Spring Wedding_0006Bright Spring Wedding_0007Bright Spring Wedding_0008Bright Spring Wedding_0009Bright Spring Wedding_0010Bright Spring Wedding_0011Bright Spring Wedding_0012Bright Spring Wedding_0013Bright Spring Wedding_0014Bright Spring Wedding_0015Bright Spring Wedding_0016Bright Spring Wedding_0017Bright Spring Wedding_0018Bright Spring Wedding_0019Bright Spring Wedding_0020Bright Spring Wedding_0021Bright Spring Wedding_0022Bright Spring Wedding_0023Bright Spring Wedding_0024Bright Spring Wedding_0025Bright Spring Wedding_0026Bright Spring Wedding_0027Bright Spring Wedding_0028Bright Spring Wedding_0029Bright Spring Wedding_0030Bright Spring Wedding_0031Bright Spring Wedding_0032Bright Spring Wedding_0033Bright Spring Wedding_0034Bright Spring Wedding_0035Bright Spring Wedding_0036Bright Spring Wedding_0037Bright Spring Wedding_0038Bright Spring Wedding_0039Bright Spring Wedding_0040Bright Spring Wedding_0041Bright Spring Wedding_0042Bright Spring Wedding_0043Bright Spring Wedding_0044Bright Spring Wedding_0045Bright Spring Wedding_0046Bright Spring Wedding_0047

Park Wedding: Sarah & Patrick are married!


I think if you asked Sarah & Patrick what their perfect day would be, it would probably involve camping, Tacodeli, and hanging out all day with their favorite people in a riverside park on a gorgeous Austin spring day.  And shouldn’t your wedding basically involve all your favorite things?  So that’s how on a sunny spring morning, we all ended up on the banks of the Colorado River at Emma Long Park eating tacos, playing lawn games, and cheering on Sarah & Patrick’s brand new marriage.  The wedding was infused with their passions and personality, with recycling reminders and tents and Patrick’s colorful art.  If you ever need encouragement to just do whatever the heck you want for your wedding, just come back and look at these photos!

Austin Park WeddingAustin Park Wedding_002Austin Park Wedding_003Austin Park Wedding_004Austin Park Wedding_005Austin Park Wedding_006Austin Park Wedding_007Austin Park Wedding_008Austin Park Wedding_009Austin Park Wedding_0010Austin Park Wedding_0011Austin Park Wedding_0012Austin Park Wedding_0013Austin Park Wedding_0014Austin Park Wedding_0015Austin Park Wedding_0016Austin Park Wedding_0017Austin Park Wedding_0018Austin Park Wedding_0019Austin Park Wedding_0020Austin Park Wedding_0021Austin Park Wedding_0022Austin Park Wedding_0023Austin Park Wedding_0024Austin Park Wedding_0025Austin Park Wedding_0026Austin Park Wedding_0027Austin Park Wedding_0028Austin Park Wedding_0029Austin Park Wedding_0030Austin Park Wedding_0031Austin Park Wedding_0032Austin Park Wedding_0033Austin Park Wedding_0034Austin Park Wedding_0035Austin Park Wedding_0036Austin Park Wedding_0037Austin Park Wedding_0038Austin Park Wedding_0039Austin Park Wedding_0040Austin Park Wedding_0041Austin Park Wedding_0042Austin Park Wedding_0043Austin Park Wedding_0044

Mercury Hall Wedding: Brianna & Josh!


As Brianna & Josh’s friends & family scurried around Mercury Hall on the afternoon of their wedding, I commented on how hard they were working to make everything perfect.  Several people replied with total sincerity, “They deserve it.  They would and have done the same for all of us.”  That spoke volumes about the kind of people Brianna & Josh are.  They love well and are loved well in return.  That love even extends to their sweet pup, too, who faithfully followed them around all day, never in the way, but always present.  She even brought them the actual rings, during the ceremony!  As always, it was an honor to witness and document such a heartfelt celebration of love!

Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0001Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0002Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0003Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0004Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0005Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0006Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0007Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0008Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0009Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0010Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0011Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0012Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0014Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0015Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0016Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0017Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0018Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0019Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0020Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0021Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0022Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0023Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0024Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0025Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0026Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0027Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0028Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0029Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0030Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0031Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0032Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0034Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0035Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0036Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0037Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0038Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0039Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0040Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0041Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0042Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0043Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0044Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0045Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0046Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0047Mercury Hall Wedding- B&J_0048